Feb 16, 17, 23-25 Dundee Book Company || The Cripple of Inishmaan

Posted by nicole on Feb 10th 2018

Join us for our first partnership with the Brigit Saint Bright Theatre Company as we set up the book cart for an entire weekend at their performance of "Cripple of an Inishmaan" at the First Central Congregational Church!

We'll be set up in the lobby before and after each performance from February 16, 17, & 23-25. Please stop by to check out our special stock and enjoy the show!

About the play: In 1934, Robert Flaherty brought a film crew to remote Inishmore island to film The Man of Aran, a “fictional documentary,” and according to playwright Martin McDonagh—boy, was it ever fictional. McDonagh takes us back to 1934, with this hook of a plot piece—Mr. Flaherty’s (and Americans’) romanticized version of ‘30s Irish, rural life—to show us his version of same, and it’s that which fuels the bonfire of satire in the darkly funny style that’s become the hallmark of the infamous “dark lord of humor.”